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Wireless IR Distribution Kit - USB Powered


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Quick Overview

Wireless IR Distribution Kit - USB Powered

Wirelessly extend your IR around the home.

Additional transmitters can be added to allow multi room installs.

Range of up to 100m.

Utilises frequency hoping digital technology to minimise interference.

Multi channel, allowing for one to one, many to one or one to many configurations.

USB powered.

Bi Directional.


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Wireless IR Distribution Kit - USB Powered

Do you want to control your devices (SKY / Amp / DVD / BLU-RAY/ CD etc) from another room? This IR Kit solves the problem! The Wireless IR Distribution Kit can transmit Infrared (remote control " IR") signals from one room to another.

Extends your IR signals up to 100m wirelessly.

Multi Channel

Select from one of 10 channels to partition

 Easy to Use

  • Each end is USB powered.  Simply connect to the USB port on your TV or any USB power supply (500mA or better).

Then all you have to do is point your remote control forwards (at the IR Receiver), which will automatically send the signal through to your devices!

SKY Friendly

Sky decoders are notoriously hard to get to work with IR repeaters. This model plays nicely with Sky decoders such MySky and MySky HDI

Additional transmitters can be purchased for multi room setups.

Kit Includes

  • 2 x Wireless IR transmitter / receiver.
  • 1 x IR Emitter
  • 1 x Mini IR Receiver


Key Features

  • Control IR devices that are located inside a closed cabinet, in another room, or out of line of sight by extending the IR signal wirelessly.
  • Transfer wirelessly at distances up to 100+ m.
  • Setup different IR modes:
    • Point to Point (Local)
    • Point to Point (Wireless)
    • Zone based
    • Bi-Directional
  • Compatible with 20-60 KHz IR frequencies.
  • 915 MHz RF frequency (well clear of WiFi and other interference sources).
  • Channel selector on the device for setting different groups; 10 channels available. This prevents multiple sets of IR repeaters in the same location from accidentally getting controlled.


Operation Modes


Point to Point (Local)

In a typical point to point setup that is done locally, the IR devices we want to control are in a closed cabinet or not within line of sight, but are placed in close proximity to the television. This type of setup only requires one transceiver (unit) to be used as we are using a wired and not wireless connection. In this setup, plug a transceiver into an available USB port (usually provided on TV sets or if not, use a spare USB charger) and then plug the IR emitter cable into the IR Emitter port of the unit. Attach the IR emitter bud on or near the device we want to control. Now plug the IR receiver cable into the IR target port and affix this to an appropriate line of sight location. Often, just on the bottom of the TV itself is an ideal location. This is where we will be pointing the remote. Note that in diagram below, a dual IR emitter cable is used. More emitters can be added to control even more devices.


Point to Point (Wireless)

Controlling an AV source when it is located in a closed cabinet or another room and the distance is too far or difficult to connect by wire, then the wireless IR repeater is the appropriate configuration. Here, we place one unit near the device we want to control. Plug the IR emitter cable into the IR Emitter port of the that unit and position the IR emitter bud to be at or point to the device's IR window. Now place the other unit (as described in the previous section) so that IR signals from the remote control can be received. ie. Plug the IR receiver cable into the IR Target port. Make sure the remote control is can “see” the receiver.


Zone Control

Unique to this wireless IR repeater is the ability for zone control. Zone control allows the user to define different groups of devices for control. A rotary switch on the back of each unit allows units to be grouped in up to 10 different zones (0 through 9). This allows specific, unique groups of devices to be controlled thereby avoiding accidentally controlling two devices at the same time. This feature is also useful if there is a conflict of control between adjoining neighbours too!


Bi-Directional Control

Since the unit includes both the IR emitter and IR target ports, control is possible in both directions. This means that a remote control in each of two rooms could control sources and TVs spread across each of those two rooms. This is achieved by plugging IR emitter cables and IR receiver cables into the ports of each of two transceiver units respectively.


Flexible USB Pigtails

For ultimate flexibility in mounting behind your display panel, why not use one of our USB right angle adapters?

We have UP, DOWN, LEFT and RIGHT flavours available.

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